Holy no posts

Wow. Is this ever a dead blog.

Lots has happened and I’ve blogged none of it. The first thing that happened was that I got a job working in Labour Market Policy for a local Non-Profit org called Employment Sector Council London Middlesex. They coordinate and act as a networking hub for all of the non-profit employment services in the region. I work on the guiding policy issues, perform administrative tasks, I’m conducting a Business Plan / Sustainability Review and examination of the Org, working on several position papers at any given time that focus on local Labour Market issues. If you know me, you can understand that I love this work. Sadly it’s just a one-year contract and it’s a ‘reach-back’ program for Employment Insurance.

So I continue to look for work that will mean something to me and sits well with my ethics and world-view. The ideal position challenges me in a few areas that I require a challenge but uses my abilities and background to help achieve some larger objectives. I’m a communicator, a negotiator, a political scientist and economist, I am a network and relationship builder and a bit of a spin doctor (though I see people all over the place that make me look more like a country doctor.)

If you’ve read my posts, it’s clear that I love urban environments, discussing issues of sociology, politics, economics, history and the future. I’m concerned about the environment, energy and natural resource depletion, social cohesion, diversity and how we can collectively re-imagine and re-frame our visions and discussions. I am a lover of media and enjoy media criticism and employ a very critical lens when I watch my television or read my paper. I enjoy music, the arts, literature, music and I try to always carry an open mind and a tolerant attitude.

I’m not perfect either. I have my flaws. Many of them. Well, maybe not that many but I accept them. I’m definitely always working on them. Anyway, a gig and getting out of the ‘job-loss cycle’ – the emotional ups-and-downs of unemployment – would go a long way to helping me return to the positive, vibrant, exciting and fun person I was. I’m already getting there thanks to a superb network of friends and colleagues.

That’s all for now. I can’t blog from work but I’m working at home today. I’ll try to post more. I love my City and the next few years could require a lot of people with big hearts getting together to protect those things that make it special, to limit those things that will do it harm and ideally, to build a coalition of people who share a vision about how to create a City that interweaves the things that create a sense of place. More on that in my next post.


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