Oh it’s been so long

Well it seems as though a year ago I got my job. Or thereabouts. Anyway, point is at that juncture I no longer had daytime access to Social Media and well, it was summer and easily enough I slipped away from the practice of blogging. I suck. What can I say?

But now I’m back. I’m declaring that I am going to reactivate my municipal interest and get involved in my hometown of London in some way. Today, I suppose its starts. A year ago, I had notions of running for Council. For various reasons, I decided this was not the election for me in which to run. I’m still new back here but having dedicated myself to a local non-profit, and having served on London Advisory Committee on Heritage and seeing a new Council and Mayor elected, I believe I have the right frame, understanding of the ground to start speaking out a little.

The same issues still burn with me though of course the debate has moved somewhat in a year. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking and reading and research in areas of economics of land-use planning and transportation and urban planning in general, building on my experiences and knowledge from Toronto City Hall and 2 years on the North American Transportation Planning/Demand Management/Finance circuit. I’ve had a chance to get to know a number of Londoners and to leave a positive impression on perhaps half of them (which is pretty good considering what a sour crank I’ve been over the past couple of years.)

I’m still thinking of the best ways to influence my community. How do we get an ongoing discussion of strategy/economics/fiscal sustainability/urban planning/vibrant healthy communities going in the civil sector and not just in the walls of government? How do we elevate the debate from arguments about the notions that best speak to our Gut, which isn’t always right, and higher debates about the true cause and effect of decisions about growth and lifestyles? How do we rationally debate, based on the experiences of communities and Cities around the world, applying a London lens rather than burying our heads inwardly?

I don’t know. I grew up here. It seems the same lack of interest, or perhaps the same fear of insulting the powerful and influential, it is still a small town after all, where everyone knows everyone and tomorrow I’ll quite possible here something back about my blog. If it doesn’t change, we’ll still be hearing rumours of possible White Supremesist rallies on the steps of City Hall.

What does that all have to do with the cheap price of parking downtown and the sidewalk to nowhere? You’ll just have to read along to find out.


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